PAT MOSLEY  Lead Vocals

This dynamic vocalist is a top performer on the Chicago musical scene, performing at some of the city’s hot spots including Pops for Champagne, Green Dolphin Street and Green Mill to name a few. Patricia’s broad repertoire ranges from classic jazz and swing to pop and rhythm and blues, making her at home in both intimate cabaret settings as well as energetic jazz/swing/pop/R&B presentations.


She currently sings with The Standing Room Only Orchestra, ranked by Modern Bride Magazine as one of the premiere wedding bands in Chicago. She has sung and recorded with Bradley Williams and His Original 21st Century Review jazz ensemble and performs in many other jazz venues. Patricia was also a member of the Lakeside Singers, a choral ensemble that covers music from Bach to Bacharach and features some of the finest jazz, pop, studio and commercial artists in the country. Other studio work includes a national spot for Norelco and a three-year project recording songs for grade school music programs and home-schooled children with K12 Inc.

She has traveled internationally, performing at the Jerusalem Jazz Festival in March 1999, Mumbai (Bombay) and New Delhi, India for Accenture Corporation in 2001 and for The Grand Hyatt in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 2006-February 2007.


Patricia brings to the stage her passion for music and a smile that lights up the room.