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"The Lounge Package" - 6 piece band

The Lounge Package is a 6 piece band consisting of:


  • 2 Rockstar Vocalists

  • Guitar/Vocals 

  • Keyboards/Vocals

  • Bass/Vocals

  • Drums

Step into the sophisticated ambiance of our 6-piece band crafted to deliver a luxurious musical experience. Featuring a duo of enchanting vocalists—a charismatic male and a soulful female—our performances are a blend of harmony and flair that captivates any audience. Accompanying them, our keyboardist weaves melodies with vocals, adding layers of richness to our sound, while our guitarist complements the arrangement with both rhythm and vocal harmonies. The groove is set by our adept bassist and dynamic drummer, who together ensure the rhythm section pulsates with energy and finesse.


Ideal for creating an elegant atmosphere at weddings, private parties, corporate events, or any gathering where music adds a touch of class, the Lounge Package is your go-to ensemble for an unforgettable evening.

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