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"The Club Package" 

The Club Package is a 5-piece band consisting of:


  • 1 Rockstar Vocalist

  • Guitar/Vocals 

  • Keyboards/Vocals

  • Bass/Vocals

  • Drums

Introducing our versatile "lean and mean" band offering tailored to meet both your budget and space requirements. This streamlined ensemble features a dynamic vocalist, whose performance is both powerful and engaging. Our keyboardist adds depth to our sound with melodic lines and vocals, while our guitarist provides rhythmic support and additional vocal harmonies. The backbone of the band is held strong by our skilled bassist and energetic drummer, ensuring every beat is tight and every groove is irresistible.


Ideal for club settings, smaller venues, or any event where space is at a premium but quality cannot be compromised, the Club Package offers a professional and captivating musical experience that perfectly suits your needs.

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