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"The Artist Package" - 7 piece big band

The Artist Package is a 7 piece band consisting of:


  • 2 Rockstar Vocalists

  • Guitar /Vocals 

  • Keyboards/Vocals

  • Bass/Vocals

  • Drums

  • Tenor Saxophone

Discover the unique charm of our 7-piece big band orchestra, designed to bring spectacular music to your special occasion! Our ensemble includes two sensational rockstar vocalists whose powerful performances ignite the stage with their compelling energy and captivating harmonies. Alongside them, our musicians masterfully play guitar, keyboards, and bass, each adding their own vocal flair to create a rich, layered sound. Our drummer lays down the essential rhythms that drive each performance, while the smooth and soulful sounds of our tenor saxophone bring a touch of jazz elegance.


Perfect for any event from weddings to corporate celebrations, our band promises to deliver an exceptional musical experience that will enchant and entertain your guests from the first note to the last.

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