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JOSH SHAPIRO  Tenor Saxaphone


As an over 15-year veteran of the Chicago music scene, Joshua Shapiro, (or "Shap" as many call him) has plied his saxophone and music arranging skills over many distinct genres and at numerous world-class venues. Be it Jazz or Rock & Roll, or AfroBeat to Salsa, "Shap" has distinguished himself with his versatility and approach.


In addition to his 14- year tenure with Standing Room Only Orchestra, he has also performed with The Platters, The Tokens, Ben Vereen, Charo, Maureen McGovern, Clint Holmes, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, The Virginia Symphony Orchestra, and Under the Streetlamp in addition to dozens of locally-known bands and ensembles, including the Latin Jazz/Salsa standout "Contrabanda," the 10-piece AfroFunk powerhouse "The Opposition Party" and the NeoSoul outfit 'Willy Dynomite."


While tenor saxophone is his primary voice, Joshua can be heard on other saxophones as well as on clarinet and flute, and his arrangements are in the books of many ensembles throughout the region.

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