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"Ever since I was a little girl I always loved to sing. This was partially due to the fact that I was brought up in a very art influenced family with a father who made a lifelong career out of his passion for visual art and a mother who was a performer and a teacher of her love of music.  But even aside from that, I just loved to hear the sound of my own voice in song. Many of you who know me are nodding your head and laughing and I’m sure even saying that that statement still rings true today.  I am a performer and I live under the lights, behind the microphone and on stage.   That is my world where I find excitement, passion, love, pain, healing and hope.  And I welcome all of you to it." ~ Andrea Pokrefke

Andrea was born and raised in Mechanicsville, a little town right out side of Richmond, VA.  She attended James Madison University located in Harrisonburg VA and graduated with a Bachelors of Music degree with a concentration of Vocal Performance in 1997.  Upon graduating college Andrea moved to Chicago, IL where she has performed with many different groups in various different areas of music.

Currently Andrea is performing with Standing Room Only Wedding Orchestra, the Kevin Cline Jazz Ensamble, sings and plays guitar with the band Pettycash (a Tom Petty and Johnny Cash cover band), is the hostess of the Durty Lounge  Lizzards (a live Karaoke band), and is a member of The Morning Choir, a fully professional choir of Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago.


She has also been featured in several radio spots, such as Clear Channel Radio, has recorded with national artists such as song writer Greg Adams, and has been featured on recordings with groups such as The Apollo Chorus of Chicago and The Morning Choir of Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago.


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